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Managing Chronic Kidney Disease

Jan 4, 2024

Considerations for Behavioral Health Intervention in Primary Care


Behavioral health providers are a great position to help patients at the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). This article provides a convincing argument for doing so. (sorry about the paywall) I would even take this a step further and say that BH providers can do some of this work on their turf, as well as in a medical setting, meaning not only through the Behavioral Health Consultant model. #CKD #behavioralhealth Looking forward to talking Kevin Gallagher, MD, FAAFP

"A concrete way for mental health providers in outpatient mental health settings to conceptualize their role in the care of patients with CKD is the use of the Six Levels of Integration framework initially developed by Doherty (1995) and Doherty et al. (1996)..."

"There is conclusive evidence that many psychologists and other mental health professionals are able to improve treatment adherence through cognitive– behavioral therapies administered bedside to dialysis (Hedayati, Yalamanchili, & Finkelstein, 2012), as well as in outpatient settings (Hudson, Moss-Morris, Game, Carroll, & Chilcot, 2016; Nielsen, Juhl, Feldt-Rasmussen, & Thomsen, 2018).

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